Innerchange Days - Innerchange Coffee House, San Diego - 1994 (GOOD) 150 min  (2 100 minute tapes - side b of tape 2 is blank, but can be filled in with something....)
            (Available to Jewel Mailing List members only)
"Without You By My Side", "Billy", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "His Pleasure Is My Pain", "Train Song", "A Housewife's Revenge", "Been Down So Long", "When I Was With You", "Money", "Circle Song", "All the Animals", "Star Child", "The Poem Song", "Sassy", "The Man Who's Already Gone", "501 Beauty Queen", "Silver Satin Wings", "Afraid It's Too Late", "Walk Away", "Chime Bells", "I Don't Care", "Dance Between Two Women", "Momma's Little Hero", "Swedish Song" (Wolf & Dolphin), "Can't Take My Soul",  "Just So Happens", "Foolish Games", "Tiny Love Spaces", "Comfortably Numb", "Spivy Leeks", "You Were Meant for Me", "Silver Lining", "Food Stamp Love", "Love Is a Rose", "Daddy She's A Goddess", "Where Have You Gone, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean", "Old Lover's House"

Puss Puss Cafe in Seattle, WA - May 3, 1995 (GOOD) ~80 min
"Walk Away", "Little Sister", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "She Cries", "Morning Song", "Cold Song", "Pieces of You", "I'm Sensitive", "Angel Needs A Ride", "Race Car Driver", "Rocker Girl", "My Own Private God's Gift to Women", "Down At The Bridge", "Angel Standing By", "Near You Always", "Tiny Love Spaces", "Comfortably Numb", "Deep Water", "Chime Bells"

Rare Angels - Summer '95 Compilation (EXCELLENT) 90 min
               (Available to Jewel Mailing List members only)
"1,000 Miles Away", "She Cries", "Painters", "Nicotine Love", "My Own Private God's Gift to Women", "I'm Sensitive", "Nikos", "Race Car Driver", "Flower", "Angel Needs A Ride", "Hotel Angel", "Life's a Great Big Mystery Show", "Down At The Bridge", "Jessica", "Need A Piece of Your Love Machine", "Studies in Love #12", "Summer Home In Your Arms", "Louisa And Her Blue Guitar", "A Very Big Girl", "Boy Needs a Bike", "Behind the Wall", "I Got the Blues More Than You Do Blues", "Nikos", "Nicotine Love"

Shiva Diva Doo Wop (GOOD) ~20 min
"1,000 Miles Away", "She Cries", "Painters", "My Own Private God's Gift to Women"

Bohager's - Baltimore, MD - September 16, 1995 (EXCELLENT) 45 min
"Pieces of You", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Kiss Your Ass", "Morning Song", "Little Sister", "Cold Song", "1,000 Miles Away", "Rocker Girl", "Race Car Driver", "I Got the Blues More Than You Do Blues", "You Were Meant for Me", "Angel Standing By", "Don't"

Irving Plaza - New York, NY - January 26, 1996 (EXCELLENT) ~70 min
"Pieces of You", "Little Sister", "Morning Song", "Kiss Your Ass", "Daddy", "All the Animals", "Near You Always", "You Were Meant for Me", "Race Car Driver", "My Own Private God's Gift to Women", "I'm Sensitive", "Deep Water", "Foolish Games", "Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells", "Nikos"

Iron Horse in Northampton, MA - January 29, 1996 (FAIR) 60 min
"Kiss Your Ass", "Pieces of You", "Cold Song", "1,000 Miles Away", "Here When Gone", "Little Sister", "Morning Song", "You Were Meant for Me", "Studies in Love #12", "With You I Will Always Be", "Fragile Heart", "I Got the Blues More Than You Do Blues", "Life's a Great Big Mystery Show", "Fragile Flame",  "Angel Standing By", "Near You Always", "Painters", "Footsteps of Morning"

Pioneer Square Theatre in Seattle, WA - February 22, 1996 (GOOD) ~90 min
"Pieces of You", "Little Sister", "Don't", "Cold Song", "Morning Song", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Race Car Driver", "Kiss Your Ass", "Swedish Song" (Wolf & Dolphin), "Studies in Love #12", "You Were Meant for Me", "Nicotine Love", "Angel Standing By", "Near You Always", "Daddy", "Painters", "Foolish Games",  "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells", "My Own Private God's Gift to Women", "Nikos"

San Francisco, CA 2/27/96
POY/Little Sister/Cold Song/Morning Song/Race Car Driver/YWMFM/I Hate Valentines Day/SIBTW/Flower/I've Got the Blues.../Tiny Love Spaces/Daddy/ASB/FG/Deep Water/Fragile Heart/WWSYS/CB/I'm Sensitive/God's Gift to Woman/Swedish Song

Radio Angels - Winter '96 Compilation (EXCELLENT) 90 min
          (Available to Jewel Mailing List members only)
"You Were Meant for Me", "Cold Song", "Rocker Girl", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Angel Standing By", "Near You Always", "Memoirs of a Housewife", "Let Them In", "Everything Breaks Sometime", "Emily", "Fragile Heart", "My Toothless Valentine", "What Matters Is The Heart" + Interviews

Strand Theater - Providence, RI - April 18, 1996 (EXCELLENT) ~10 min
"I Shall Be Released" (Duet w/Bob Dylan)

John Anson Ford Theater - Los Angeles, CA - May 4, 1996 (EXCELLENT) ~75 min
"Behind the Wall", "Absence of Fear", "Little Sister", "Near You Always", "Tiny Love Spaces", "Angel Standing By", "Deep Water", "Pieces of You", "I'm Sensitive", "Carnivore", "Marital Carnival", "Foolish Games", "I Got the Blues More Than You Do Blues", "Rocker Girl", "You Were Meant for Me", "Fragile Flame", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells"

Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA - May 18, 1996 (EXCELLENT) 85 min
"Behind the Wall", "Little Sister", "Absence of Fear", "Near You Always", "Daddy", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "You Were Meant for Me", "Carnivore", "Pieces of You", "I'm Sensitive", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone", "Race Car Driver", "Foolish Games", "Marital Carnival", "Fragile Flame", "Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Amen", "Chime Bells"

Java Joe's - San Diego, CA - June 10, 1996 (GOOD) ~90 min
"Morning Song", "Little Sister", "Satellite", "Don't", "1,000 Miles Away", "She Cries", "Fish Family", "Studies in Love #12", "All the Animals", "Nicotine Love", "Carnivore", "Cold Song", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Chime Bells", "You Were Meant for Me", "Adrian", "Near You Always", "Angel Standing By", "I'm Sensitive", "Deep Water", "Here When Gone", "Who Will Save Your Soul"

WDST Backyard Barbecue - July 16, 1996 (EXCELLENT) ~30 min
"You Were Meant for Me", "Little Sister", "Carnivore", "Satellite", "Innocence Maintained", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells"

(JewelStock recordings available to Jewel Mailing List members only)

JewelStock (Tape 1) Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY  7/18/96
Poetry/Don't/1000 Miles away/Angel Needs A Ride/My Fish Family/Studies In Love #12/Face of Love/Little Bird/Louisa and her Blue Guitar/His Pleasure is my Pain/All the Animals/Tiny Love Spaces/Memoirs of a Housewife/Fragile Flame/Cold Song/Run Tonto Run/Grey Matter/Moon over Austin/Innocence Maintained

JewelStock (Tape 2)  Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY   7/18-19/96
Nikos/Amen/SIBTW/You're so Small/Nicotine Love/from Rosie WWSYS & YWMFM/
Summertime/SIBTW/If this is What Love Is/Circle Song/Innocence Maintained/
Everything Breaks/Foolish Games/Morning Song/Swedish Song/Summer Home in your Arms/Here When Gone/Moon Over Austin/ABCD/A Very Big Girl

JewelStock (Tape 3)   Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY    7/19/96
Deep Water/Race Car Driver/I got the Blues More Than You Do Blues/Tiny Love Spaces/Memoirs of a Housewife/Buttercup/Fragile Flame/Angel Standing By/Behind the Wall/Nikos/Chime Bells/Stryofoam Dream Ditty/NYA/Chime Bells/Run Tonto Run/Grey Matter/1000 Miles Away/YWMFM/LilSister/Carnivore/Satellite/Innocence Maintained/
WWSYS/Chime Bells

Hampton Beach Casino, NH - August 17, 1996 (GOOD) ~75 min
"Summertime", "Don't", "Little Sister", "Morning Song", "Cold Song", "Race Car Driver", "You Were Meant for Me", "Satellite", "I'm Fading", "Fragile Heart", "Run Tonto Run", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone",  "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Gray Matter", "Foolish Games", "Carnivore", "Fragile Flame", "Pieces of You", "Deep Water", "Chime Bells", "Who Will Save Your Soul"

SUNY Geneseo - Geneseo, NY - February 24, 1997 (??) 110 min
"Near You Always", "Cold Song", "Morning Song", "Race Car Driver", "Pieces of You", "Little Sister", "Foolish Games", "You Were Meant for Me", "Run Tonto Run", "Deep Water", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Carnivore", "Silver Lining", My body is changing, "I'm Sensitive", All you need is a heart to call home, "Daddy", "Emily", "Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells"

Canandaigua, NY  - September 1, 1997  (Good) ??min
"I'm Sensitive", "Little Sister", "Near You Always", "Absence of Fear", "Race Car Driver", "Cold Song", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Don't", "Morning Song", "Satellite", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Been Down So Long", "You're In Cleveland Today", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone", "Carnivore", "You Were Meant For Me", "Foolish Games", "Daddy", "Just Passing Time", Amen"

Tinker Street Cafe - Woodstock, NY  ?? (Excellent)  ??min
"1000 Miles Away", "Life's A Great Big Mystery Show", "Race Car Driver", "Tiny Love Spaces", "Angel Standing By", "Amen", "Money", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "I'm Sensitive", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Deep Water", "Rocker Girl", "Here When Gone", "Swedish Song"
Filler: X-mas msg and Angel Standing By

Rochester, NY - 10/2/95  (??)  ??min
"Pieces of You", "Little Sister", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Cold Song", "Race Car Driver", "My Own Private God's Gift To Women", "Swedish Song", "She Cries", "Tiny Love Spaces", "Near You Always", "Angel Standing By", "Rocker Girl", "Morning Song", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells"

Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of The Living Arts5/19/96 (??) 90min
"Behind The Wall", "Little Sister", "Near You Always", "Studies In Love #12", "Don't", "Life's A Great Big Mystery Show", "Nicotine Love", "Louisa And Her Blue Guitar", "Carnivore", "Morning Song", "Cruise Control", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone", "Foolish Games", "Adrian", "I'm Sensitive", "Pieces of You", "Memoirs of A Housewife", "Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Nikos"

Tradewinds - Seabright, NJ  May 21, 1996
"Behind The Wall, "Little Sister", "Near You Always", "Daddy", "Nicotine Love", "Sassy", "Marital Carnival", "Carnivore", "Morning Song", "Cold Song", "You Were Meant For Me", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone", "Race Car Driver", "My Own Private God's Gift To Women", "Foolish Games", "I'm Sensitive", "Pieces of You", "Deep Water", "Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul"

Jeweltide Carols - Various December 1996 show compilation - (Excellent) 90min
"Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" (with Lenedra), "Near You Always", "Satellite", "You Were Meant For Me", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone", "Foolish Games", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells", MTV 12 Days of Xmas lines 2 & 12, "You Were Meant For Me", "Near You Always", "Satellite", "You Were Meant For Me", "Love Me Just Leave Me Alone", "Foolish Games", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells", "Sixth Avenue Heartache" (with The Wallflowers)

Beacon Theatre, NYC  March 2, 1997 (Poor)  ??min
"Near You Always", "Stranger Enter From The East", "Morning Song", "Little Sister", "Don't", "Foolish Games", "You Were Meant For Me", "Run Tonto Run", "Deep Water", Fragile Flame", "All The Animals", "Pieces of You", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Amen", "Angel Standing By"

Beacon Theatre, NYC March 3, 1997 (Poor)  ??min
"Near You Always", "Stranger Enter From The East", "Morning Song", "Little Sister", "Don't", "Foolish Games", "You Were Meant For Me", "Run Tonto Run", "Deep Water", Fragile Flame", "Pieces of You", "Cold Song", "Silver Lining" (w/ Steve Poltz), Tiny Love Spaces", "Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul", Amen", "I'm Sensitive", "Chime Bells", "Old Lover's House" (with Rugburns)

Tower Theatre - Philadelphia, PA  March 9, 1997  (Poor)  ??min
"Near You Always", "Stranger Enter From The East", "Morning Song", "Little Sister", "Don't", "Nicotine Love", "I'm Sensitive", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "Foolish Games", "You Were Meant For Me", "Run Tonto Run", "Deep Water", "Just Passing Time", "Emily", "Fragile Flame", "Cold Song", "Silver Lining", "Adrian", Angel Standing By", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Amen", "Making Me Blue" (?) (with Rugburns)

Murat Theater -- Indianapolis, Indiana  3/14/97
Near You Always/Morning Song/Little Sister/Innocence Maintained/Don't/FoolishGames/
YWMFM/Adrian/Run Tonto Run/You're in Cleveland Today/Passing Time/Be Still my Little Heart/I'm Sensitive/My Body is Changing/SIBTW/Angel Standing By/Chime Bells/WWSYS/Amen

Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS  March 22, 1997 (??)
NYA/Morning Song/Don't/Little Sister/Cold Song/SIBTW/FG/YWMFM/Adrian/You're In Cleveland Today/Deep Water/Just Passing Time/Fragile Flame/Race Car Driver/Nicotine Love/Silver Lining/PoY/ASB/Chime Bells/WWSYS/Amen

Java Joe's - SanDiego, CA  April 11, 1997
Rugburns Show with some Jewel
Rugburns - Now's Not The Right Time For Love/Crazy, Crazy World/Good Morning (I Miss Waking Up With You)/Rainbow (with Lisa Sanders)/Single Life/I Love Ya/I Love Everything About You/Lockjaw/The Great Mystery/Gold's Gym Guy
Steve & Jewel - My Body Is Changing/I Thought I Saw You Last Night (cut)/Old Lover's House
Jewel - Fly Away Angel/Just Passing Time
Steve & Jewel - Silver Lining/YWMFM
Rugburns - Fence Around My Heart/Broken Hearts & Painted Nails/I'm Gonna UPS My Heart Next Day To You

Lilith - Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA  7/5/97 (side A)
NYA/Deep Water/SIBTW/Morning Song/DSL/LMJLMA/I Feel For You/FG/Just Passing Time/ASB/YWMFM

Lilith - Irvine, CA  7/9/97 (side B)
NYA/Daddy/Satellite/DSL/FG/Morning Song/Just Passing Time/Fragile Flame/LMJLMA/I Feel For You/Down/YWMFM

Toronto, Canada - Lilith Fair - 8/18/97
"Near You Always", "You Were Meant For Me", "I'm Sensitive", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Morning Song", "Pieces of You", "Deep Water", "Angel Standing By", "Satellite", "Last Dance Rodeo", "Don't", " Amen", "Foolish Games", "Who Will Save Your Soul"

PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ 8/30/97
I'm Sensitive/LilSister/NYA/Daddy/1000miles Away/POY/Deep Water/Morning Song/ WWSYS/DSL/Down/Dancing Barefoot/Carnivore/YWMFM/FG/Passing Time/Angel Standing By/Don't/Chime Bells

Penn State  9/8/97
Smart in a Stupid Way (w/ David Baerwald)/Don't/1000 Miles Away/SIBTW/Everything Breaks Sometime/Cold Song/Little Sister/NYA/Nicotine Love/Race Car Driver/Satellite/Morning Song/You're In Cleveland Today/Carnivore/YWMFM/FG/Just Passing Time/ASB/Amen/Chime Bells

Mean Fiddler, London, UK
"1000 Miles Away", "Morning Song", "Sometimes It Be That Way", "A Boy Needs A Bike", "Little Sister", "Race Car Driver", "Absence of Fear", "You Were Meant For Me", "Carnivore", "Just Passing Time", "The Face of Love", "The Little Bird" (Lenedra), "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Chime Bells", "Too Darn Hot", "Brother/Nikos"

Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow 10/17/97
Don't/Enter from the East/Little Sister/satellite/Morning song/SIBTW/POY/I'm Sensitive/Boy Needs a Bike/WWSYS/Passing time/Fat Boy/Near You Always/
FG/YWMFM/Angel StandingBy/Nikos

Muffathalle - Munich,Germany 10/26/97
Don't/Little Sister/Satellite/POY/Kiss the Flame/Morning Song/Swedish Lullaby/I'm Sensitive/SIBTW/Enter from the East/WWSYS/Fragile Flame/NYA/Cold Song/FG/
YWMFM/Angel Standing By/Italian Song/Amen/Chime Bells

Kleine Musichalle - Hamburg 10/30/97
Don't/Morning Song/Enter from the East/Song for the Winter(oldWSIT)/POY/Little Sister/SIBTW/Here When Gone/WWSYS/A Very Big Girl/Carnivore/I'm Sensitive/
Passing Time/NYA/FG/YWMFM/Angel Standing By/Italian Song/Amen/Chime Bells

Vooruit Ballroon, Belgium 11/10/97
Enter from the East/Studies in Love #12/Don't/POY/Everything Breaks/RCD/Cold Song/Morning Song/Fish Family/Little Sister/I'm Sensitive/1000 Miles Away/WWSYS/Jessica/Daddy/Let it rip let it Fly(old Barcelona)/Last Dance Rodeo/NYA/FG/YWMFM/Angel Standing By/La Sciatemi Morirre/Amen/Chime Bells

Jewel - Collected Works #4

St Louis   3/21/97
NYA/1000 Miles Away/Morning Song/Satellite/Little Sister/Boy Needs A Bike/FG/SIBTW/MOPGGTW/YWMFM/Adrian/Run Tonto Run/You're In Cleveland Today/Deep Water/Just Passing Time/Fragile Flame/Silver Lining (w/Steve Poltz)/Painters/ASB/Chime Bells/WWSYS/Amen

EDA Cover Tape

Jewel Unplugged and Hard Rock Live Plus Bonus Tracks (taped off of cd)

Filling Tiny Spaces (compelation of Jewel,Steve and Rugburns)
Impala/Old Lover's House/Daddy She's a Goddess/YWMFM/ABC's Song/The Girl with the Wandering Eye/On the Edge/YWMFM/FG/WWSYS/GoodWill Store/YWMFM/Interview/WWSYS/Now's Not the Right Time for Love/Silver Lining/I Thought I Saw You Last Night/Old Lover's House/Daady She's A Goddess/Lockjaw/UPS my Heart to You/AOF

EveryDay Angels Compilation
Little Sister/Grey Matter/Satellite/Near You Alwaya/Race Car Driver/YWMFM/Cold Song/Carnivore/Angel Standing By/WWSYS/SIBTW/Morning Song/I'm Sensitive/Chime Bells/YWMFM/Little Sister/Carnivore/Satellite/Innocence Maintained

The Vic, Chicago 8/95  (very good)  maybe 30 minutes
Little Sister/Wolf & Dolphin/Race Car Driver/Cold Song/Nicotine Love/Sometimes It Be That Way/Who Will Save Your Soul/Angel Standing By/Deep Water/Chime Bells

Palais Theatre - Melbourne Australia  2/25/99
NYA/Deep Water/What's Simple Is True/Hands/Jupiter/Life Uncommon/Kiss The Flame/Barcelona/

Non-Jewel (incomplete list - I'm working on it)

Future Folklore Tape 1 - EDA Cafe, Boston, MA 4-18-97 - Elizabeth Hummel and Cindy Lee Berryhill
Sizzle/Only For The Innocent/Goodwill Store/Damn, Wish I Was A Man/Riddle,Riddle/She Won't Even Try/Banana/Walking To San Francisco/Annie's Song/Eloise/Circus of Love/Miracle Mile/Scariest Thing In The World/Antarctica/ Ba Da Da/Memoirs of a Female Messiah/Family Tree

Future Folklore Tape 2 - EDA Cafe, Boston, MA 4-18-97 &The Hot Dog Festival, Dana Point, CA 4-9-97 - Elizabeth Hummel and Cindy Lee Berryhill & The Rugburns (Steve and Stinky)
The Promise/Ocean/Sour Grapes/Diane/Jane & John/California/Aquamarine/Radio Astronomy/Janey's Song/Regrets/Sailing/Slippin' & Sliding Away/Grandpa's Song/Rainbow (w/Lisa Sanders)/Johnny McAdoo/Star of the County Down/Spiderboy

Future Folklore Tape 3 - Java Joe's
"Welcome To Java Joes"-Wendy/"Truly Divine"- Lisa Sanders & Mary Dolan/"Where Melancholy Goes"-Mary Dolan/"Rainbow"- Lisa Sanders & Mary Dolan/"Let Her Feel The Rain"- Tara MacLean/"Silence"- Tara MacLean/"Jessica"- Jewel/"Lasciatemi Morirre"-Jewel/       "Love Lies Broken"-Elizabeth Hummel/"Are We Gonna Get Naked"-Elizabeth Hummel/        "Goodwill Store"-Elizabeth Hummel w/Jewel & G. Page/"White Christmas"- Gregory Page/        "Walking In The Park"- Gregory Page/"Great Mystery" - Gregory Page/"Where Have You Gone Jimmy Dean?"-Joy Eden Harrison/"Angels Watching Over Me" -Joy Eden Harrison/    "Aquamarine"-Cindy Lee Berryhill & Garage Orchestra/"UFO Suite" - Cindy Lee Berryhill & Garage Orchestra/"God Bless The Living Room Tour"- Cindy Lee Berryhill

Rugburns - Signal Hill - 2 tapes
Waterfalls/Rub Somebody/Everything About You/Pitbull/Learn About Love/Dirty/Ballad of Tommy.../  Tape 2  - .......

Steve Poltz - Mercury Lounge 1/22/98
Leaving Again, 98 Pounder, YWMFM, Good Morning (I Miss Waking Up With You), Silver Lining, I Love Everything About You, I Thought I Saw You Last Night, Satan's Choir, Kicking Distance, Beautiful Day, Impala, Waterfalls

Steve Poltz - Mercury Lounge  3/27/98
Crazy World/Now's Not The Right Time For Love/YWMFM/Great Mystery/Silver Lining/Chinese Checkers/ABC's of Love/Forbidden Fruit/Waterfalls/Dog Doo Blues/Impalla

Steve Poltz - Java Hut, Belmar, NJ  4/11/98
Now's Not The Right Time For Love/Ali & Bill B-day Song/ABC's of Love (Steve brings up EDA Josh Baummer)/Kicking Distance/YWMFM/............

Steve Poltz - Tin Angel  Philly, PA  3/30/98  2 tapes
Tape 1 - I Love You/Hawaiian Songs/Good Morning/Beautiful Day/Holliston Street/Forbidden Fruit/Silver Lining/Circus/Chinese Checkers/Everything About You/Impalla/In My Closet/Mystery/Little Red Corvette/Erin Siegfried Song/Give You Up For Lent/Erin Sigfried Song 2/Meth/YWMFM/Crawl Back into Bed (Oatmeal)/Waterfalls
Tape 2 (short) - Now's Not The Right Time For Love/Rainbow/I Love To Kiss Truman Capote's Picture/Broken Hearts and Painted Nails

Steve Poltz - Tin Angel  Philly, PA  4/6/98  2 tapes
I Thought I Saw You Last Night/Leaving Again/Now's Not The Right Time For Love/Kicking Distance/Old Lover's House/Satan's Choir/I'm Coming Home/Soup/Circus/Great Mystery/Impala/??/Beautiful Day/Absent Hearted In My Closet/ Everything About You/Tree Hugger    Tape 2 - (short)  ABC's of Love/Sex Booze & Guitars/Forbidden Fruit/Morning Song

Steve Poltz - 21 Over & Under - Tin Angel  4/13/98  2 tapes
Tape 1 - The Single Life/The Girl With The Wandering Eye/My Body Is Changing/Silver Lining/Me Not Got No Slow Metabolism/Chinese Checkers/Water You Every Day/The Blarney Stone Blues/Johnny McAdoo/One Left Shoe/Androgynous/Dirty/Impala/Tree Hugger/Affectionate Joe/Morning Song/Uncle Reggie's Pantyhose/Little Red Corvette/Kicking Distance/Lockjaw
Tape 2 - Just Call Me Up/We Like The Same Things/War/Beautiful Day/Rub Somebody The Right Way/Mame/Waterfalls/Now's Not The Right Time For Love/I've Just Seen A Face/Life's Too Short To Drink Bad Red Wine/ABC's of Love/Happy B-day To Ali/If Only You Were Lonely/Jaegermeister, Hot Dogs and Boobs are ok/Dick's Automotive   Filler, John Castro - 11/26/97   She's So Lovely I Can't Change Her Mind/Melt Into The Sun/Vegetarian Song/Gracias For Your Love/Wanna Be A Bird/Lena

Steve Poltz - The Living Room Show - Bay City Rest. and Lounge - Hanover, PA  7/13/98
Rainbow/YWMFM/Look To The East/Good Morning/Uncle Reggie's Pantyhose/Spiderboy/ABC's of Love/Grandpa's Song/Water You Every Day  Tape 2 - Me and Eddie Vedder/I'd Rather Do Something In Public and Private/It's a Crazy Crazy World/Fermez Le Bouche/Krikor's Waltz/Holliston Street/Little Red Corvette/Christmas Day In Hanover/Forbidden Fruit/  Filler - NYC Show  -  It's a Crazy Crazy World/98 Pounder/Good Morning/Hawaaian Songs That Don't Sound Hawaiin/I Thought I Saw You Last Night/Gold's Gym Guy/Great Mystery/Impala

Steve Poltz (and friends) Live at Java Joe's - 3 tape set
Tape 1 - Beautiful Day/Holliston Street/Satan's Choir/Thank God I'm A Country Boy/One Left Shoe/YWMFM/Lockjaw/Water You Every Day/My Carphone's On The Pill/Streets of Bakersfield/Johnny 99/Lullaby For You/Pitbull/Hawaiin Songs/Foolish Love/Never Even Bothered To Call/Little White Lie/Rub Somebody The Right Way/Impala
Tape 2 - Underneath The Silvery Moon/ABC Song/Broken Hearts & Painted Nails/Soup/Silver Lining/Lazy Days/Rainbow/Great Mystery/Thought You Were Brilliant/Knoxville Girl/All I Know/Girl With The Wandering Eye/You Should've Told Me/Everything About You/I Hate It When An Alarm Goes Off/John Denver Medley
Tape 3 - Tree Huggers/Mama/Morning Song/98 Pounder/Waterfalls/My Old Friend The Blues/Just A Child/Little Red Corvette /Merry Christmas Baby/Goodnight/Slippin' and Slidin' Away/Now's Not The Right Time For Love/Look To The East/Jognny McAdoo/Look To The East/Johnny McAdoo/My Boyfriend/Leavin' Again/Tell You Anything/Spiderboy/Killing Me Softly~It's All Over Now/Honky Tonk Angel/Don't Look Like I'll Ever Stop My Wandering/Salvation/Uncle Reggie

Patty Griffin - 1996 Various Radio and Galaxy, St Louis, MO 10/24/96
Let Him Fly/The Tracks of My Tears/Never Been To Spain/Time Will Do The Talking/Sweet Lorraine/The Long Road Home/Silver Bell   You've Changed/Moses/Sweet Lorraine/Mad Mission/Every Little Bit/Wishing Well/Cain Forgiveness

Patty Griffin - The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI  7pm show  2/25/98
Flaming Red/Poor Man's House/Sweet Lorraine/The Mama Song/You've Changed/Mad Mission/Tony/Cain/Nobody's Crying/Wiggly Fingers/Moses/Every Little Bit/Go Now/Forgiveness/Mary

Patty Griffin - The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI  9:30pm show  2/25/98
Sweet Lorraine/Poor Man's House/Flaming Red/Stolen Car/Mad Mission/Love In My Lips/Moses/Christina/Cain/Nobody's Cring/Not Alone/Forgiveness/Every Little Bit/Go Now/Crazy/Mary

Patty Griffin Rarities
Cat's Out Of The Bag * Never Gonna Be * Connie And Val * Holy Water * The Gate * You Decided * Under These Clouds * Let Your Freedom Ring * Off You Go * Uneccesary * Boxes * I Write The Book * Let Him Fly(Remix) * Every Little Bit(Remix) * Bubba's Sulky Lounge * Nobody’s Crying * Calling Me Home * Falling Down * We Are Water * Crazy * Stolen Cars * The Long Ride Home * Silver Bell * One More Girl * Illusions * Tony(acoustic) * Cain(acoustic) * Regarding Mary * Copenhagen

Patty Griffin The Fez, NYC  4/19/99

Cindy Lee Berryhill - The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ  5/22/98 (approx 40 min)
Handle With Care/Diane/Damn, I Wish I Was A Man/Antarctica/Aquamarine/She Won't Even Try/Radio Astronomy

Fiona Apple/Sarah M - from Lilith 8/1/97 -
Fiona - Shadowboxer/Sleep To Dream/The First Taste/Criminal/Never Is A Promise/Angel
Sarah - Hold On/Good Enough/Wait/Angel/Path of Thorns (Terms)/Sweet Surrender/Witness/Building A Mystery/Possession/Ice Cream

Phish - Ian's Farm, Hebron, NY  8/21/87 I
God Log/Peaches En Regalia/Divided Sky (original)/Funky Bitch/Harry Hood/Clod/Curtain.../...Curtain/Light Up Or Leave Me Alone/Shaggy Dog/Wilson/Camel Walk

Phish - Hampton, VA  11/22/97  II
Haley's Comet/Tweezer>/Black Eyed Katy>/Piper/Run Like An Antelope/E-Bouncin' Round The Room/Tweezer reprise

Phish - 'Island Tour' - Providence, RI  4/5/98 Set II
Down w/ Disease>/Ya Man/Prince Caspian/Maze>/Oblivious Fool/Possum/Funk Jam/Encore: Axis/Bold As Love

Phish - The Lemon Wheel, Day 2  8/16/98 Ste I
Ginseng Sullivan/Bathtub Gin>/Rift/Punch You In The Eye/Lawn Boy/Ya Man>/AC-DC Bog/Relax/Birds of A Feather/Coyote/Possum

Suzanne Vega - London School of Econ   10/24/85
Tom's Diner/Some Journey/Small Blue Thing
One Time Thing/Undertow/The Queen & The Soldier/Knight Moves/Gypsy/Calypso/Straight Lines/Winter Time/Luka/Left of Center/Marlena On The Wall/Neighborhood Girls/Black Widow Station/The Rent Song   FM EX

Natalie Merchant
Wonder/River/I May Know The Word/Sympathy For The Devil/Carnival/These Are The Days/Don't Talk/Verdi Cries
How You've Grown/Don't Talk/Gold Rush Brides/Jezebel/I'm Not The Man/Starman (w/maniacs_/These Days (w/maniacs)/Bread and Circuses (w/Billy Bragg)/Photograph (w/REM)/Little April Showers (w/Michael Stipe and the Roaches)/Come Take A Trip In My Airship

Beck - KCRW #1/#2
Woody Guthrie Intro/Loser/Mexico/Death Is Coming To Get Me/Whimsical Actress/Pay No Mind/MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack/Bogusflow/Dead Man w/ No Heart/Hard To Compete/Howling Wolves Song/It's All In Your Mind/Totally Confused (from cd)/It's All Gonna Come To Be/Beercan (from cd)

Indigo Girls -?? Side A
Center Stage/Make It Easier/Land of Canaan/Kid Fears/Crazy Game/Blood & Fire/Girl With The Weight/Strange Fire/Secure Yourself

Tori Amos Compilation
Tape 1 - Side A Goddess Bootleg - Misc 1/96
Crucify/Cornflake Girl/Icicle/Hey Jupiter/Thunder Road/Daughter Song(Donut Song)/Gary's Girl/Marianne/Blood Roses/Sugar/Putting The Damage On
Side B - VH1 Crossroads - Losing My Religion/I'm On Fire/Sugar/Somewhere Over The Rainbow  WHFS Radio 2/11/96 - Little Amsterdam/Marianne   KEWD Radio 2/26/96 Seattle- Crucify/Blood Roses  Madison Sq. Garden 5/13/96 - Professional Widow (Intro)  Rainn - radio  Horses
Tape 2 Side A     Suderland, UK - Ain't No Sunshine/Imagine  Frankfurt 6/17/92 - Sentimental Journey/A Case of You   Boulder, CO  9/29/92 - Whole Lotta Love/Thank You   KROQ, LA 1/19/93  - Love Song  London 3/6/94 - Home On The Range/Famous Blue Raincoat   Capitol Radio, London 3/18/94 - Tuesday Afternoon/Angie  Berlin, 4/9/94 American Pie/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Summertime  Ipswich, UK 4/23/94 - Candle In The Wind  Tampa, FL 8/3/94 Wrapped Around Your Finger  East Lansing, MI 10/16/94 With A Little Help From My Friends/Landslide/I'm On Fire   Palladium, London 4/28/94 Winter/ Silent All These Years/Cornflake Girl

Tori Amos - Wharton's Landing 10/94
With A Little Help From My Friends/Yes Anastasia/Leather/Icicle/The Waitress/God/Precious Things/Past The Mission/Bells For Her/Me And A Gun/Landslide/Cornflake Girl/China/I'm On Fire/Winter  Rainn - Muhammed My Friend (w/ Maynard from Tool)/Pretty Good Year

Tori Amos - West Palm Beach, FL  10/24/96
Beauty Queen/Horses/Angie/Caught A Lite Sneeze/Cornflake Girl/Doughnut Song/Little Earthquakes/Leather/Alamo/Precious Things/The Waitress/Talula/Me And A Gun/Mother/A Case of You/Pretty Good Year/Purple Rain

Melissa Etheridge -Biloxi and Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame
All American Girl/If I Wanted To/Hello Biloxi~Take You With Me/It Shouldn't Bother You/I Remember You/You Used To Love To Dance/Shriner's Park/Yes I Am/Dance/All The Way To Heaven/Chrome Plated Heart/You Shook Me All Night Long
Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame - Be My Baby/Love Child/Leader of The Pack/Wake up Little Suzie

Melissa Etheridge Live at Various Places
Come To My Window/No Souvenirs/Similar Features/Dance W/O Sleeping/The Weakness In Me/Me and Bobby McGee/Bring Me Some Water/Maggie Mae/Come To My Window/Come To My Window/I'm The Only One/Sleep While I Drive/Every Breath You Take (Duet w/ Sting)/Happy X-mas(War Is OverGive Peace A Chance/Come To My Window/If I Wanted To/Silent Legacy

Dave Matthews Band - Greek Theatre, Berkely, CA  8/11/95 two tape set
Seek Up/Tall Monkey/Satellit/Dancing Nancies/Warehouse/(B)Say Goodbye/Tripping Billies/Jimi Thing/Jam/Eyes of The World/41 Police (cut)/ (Tape 2) - On Broadway/Recently/Two Step/Ants Marching/Typical Situation/All Along The Watchtower/ Filler Sarah M. - KROQ Acoustic X-mas, LA Dec 5, 1997 - Building A Mystery/?/?/Wipe Away The Tears/Sweet Surrender

Shawn Colvin - Boulder, CO  Chataugua Auditorium  6/2/90
Twilight/Another Long One/Shotgun Down The Avalanche/Cry Like An Angel/Satin Sheets/Don't You Think I Feel IT To?/When I Get To The Border/Something To Believe In/The Story/This Must Be The Place/Ricochet/Diamond In The Rough/Dead of The Night/I Don't Know Why/You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Joan Osborne - LA  9/17/1995
Pensacola/Help Me/Right Hand Man/One of Us/Spiderweb/Man in the Long Black Coat/Century/St. Theresa/Crazy Baby/Ladder/Lumina/Do You Ever Think Of Me

Nirvana - Rome  2/94
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/Drain You/Breed/Serve The Servants/Come As You Are/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Sliver/Dumb/In Bloom/About A Girl/Lithium/PennyRoyal Tea/School/Polly/Very Ape/Lounge Act/Rape Me/Territorial Pissings/All Apologies/On A Plain/Scentless Apprentice/Heart Shaped Box/The Man Who Sold The World

Sara McLachlan - Paramount, CO  '95
FTE/Drawn To The Rythm/Wait/Lost/Ice/Back Door Man/Elsewhere/Ben's Song/Fear/Path of Thorns (Terms)/Good Enough/Plenty/Into The Fire/Hold On/Full of Grace/Mary   Filler, Nancy Griffith Live - I Will Bring You Ireland/Ballad of Robin Wesfern/I Don't Want To Talk About Love

Tara MacLean Troubador?