Got Questions?

Many people have asked how I did many of the things on my page, especially since I just started with HTML a short time ago.

Well, really it is no secret -- HTML is easy. There are several programs that make programming web pages simple. Here's the questions I hear most often...

Q. How did you get started in HTML programming?

A. I wanted my husband to make me a website. He didn't have the time so he showed me the basics of web-authoring. After some trial and error, you get what you see here. Click here to see his site "Hi, I'm Rob Campbell -- who the hell are you?"

Q. What did you use for web-authoring?

A. There are several better programs available, but I use NaviPress. NaviPress is a free HTML program that was orginally offered by AOL to encourage people to make their own pages. The nice thing about NaviPress is that it is a true WYSWYG editor, as opposed to those which use a browser for viewing pages. The program is old and does not support all of the latest HTML rules, but it great for rough layouts. You can get this HTML editor at

Q. How did you do the graphics on your page?

A. There are various methods to modify graphics, but I rely on Paint Shop Pro 4.0 to do most of my graphic editing. Most of the graphics used in my site were created by hand. This includes the backgrounds, text boxes and characters. Paint Shop Pro lets you do so much, the only problem is wanting to do too much. Click here to reach JASC makers of Paint Shop Pro.

Q. How did you do your homepage graphic so you can click on the picture to link to other pages?

A. Mapping a graphic is a common effect in websites. I used a shareware program called MapEdit to map out the graphic. You can get information about MapEdit at their website, by clicking here.

Q. What type of scanner did you use?

A. I have a Primax Photo Scanner that I used for my pictures. However, I do also have a number of pictures from other people. When possible I credit these people with their contribution. A big thanks goes out to Adam Longfellow for early support in my efforts.

Q. How did you put music on your pages?

A. I don't know.

If you have any other questions or comments about my site (corrections are always welcome!) please e-mail me at


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