My Poetry



Forever One

Feelings of love
bringing together
the hearts
of the lonely people.
Sharing and caring
loving their son
A Family
forever one

In The Eyes Of The Young

The eyes dart around
A betrayal of fear
The fear
of the blackness to come
Sleep stays at bay
No hope I will say
Shows in the eyes
of the young

Insincerity and Pride

All the hope I had was lost
I felt I could have died
Did you not see the cost,
Of your insincerity and pride?

You know, I saw it in your eyes
The loveless life I'd have to live
And I knew the truth behind your lies
Now truth is all you've left to give

Keeping life inside my heart
I find the caring of my friends
Not enough since we're apart
They say true love never ends

I passed you in the street last night
A new love at your side
I knew our past was not quite right
For your insincerity and pride

The Truest Devotion

In this romantic heart of mine
I dream of a future truly divine
One day soon
We'll be together
Two hearts uniting
A family forever
This furore between us
Will always live on
Night after night,
From every dawn
A gallant show
Of the truest devotion
By far my favorite
Of every emotion
A ceaseless love
Shared and unique
Not a thing for one
To question or critique
Through thick and thin
We'll see it through
Along with a love
A friendship, too.

The Love I Once Had

The love I once had
Has now departed
the new love for you
Has already started

If I ever love again
Remember only this;
You were the perfect one for me
The one I would always miss

Why did we have to end
This great new romance?
When all I wanted from you
Was to have another chance

Let's start a new future
And put away the past
We can begin a new life
One that will always last

A Legend Lives On

A legend lives on
But not in the past
It lives only in my heart
This legend of mine will very soon die,
For I am the last of my kind.
"What kind is that?" I hear you ask
The kind that believes in fanasy's life;
A life that has run out of time.

Wood Wispers

Wood whispers in the night
The secrets that we keep
Hoping that one day
No deception will we reap
We hope when wind does blow
Our secrets still are safe
Honesty should we know
And caring proud and true
No prejudice and hate
A world that's born anew

Face To The Sun

With passion's sweet love
And Love's sweet passion
She raises her face to the sun

Imagination brings him near
To hold close to her heart
She raises her face to the sun

He told her once, long ago
In happiness and sadness alike,
"Always raise your face to the sun"

Through the toughest time in her life
Living without him by her side
She raises her face to the sun.

Your Face On The Wind

I saw your face on the wind last night
A vision so clear that I reached out
But the vision disappeared once again
All hope was lost of a lasting love
My devastation seemed to overtake
When I thought of your kiss and gentle touch
I knew the sweet suffering of immortal love
The deceitful image of your face on the wind
Leaves me restless and condemned
To this confused and divided love
I find myself to be obsessed
With this lonely, young and foolish love
And enchanted by your face on the wind

Show Me

Show me the way
And I hope you will say
Today is the day
That you'll finally stay


Closing my eyes,
Seeing your face,
Feeling your touch,
And your warm embrace

It's unreality

Crying myself to sleep,
You're so far away,
I dream and I weep,
wanting you here today

That's reality

Empty Space

He holds me close
I feel so safe
Comfortable and warm
I reach for him
and realize
There's only empty space

A Reason To Hope

I felt so sad, My depression was great
All my life was gone, but an empty space
I remembered the days with everything fine
Now I am lost, and will never be safe
"I want to live, but I don't belong"
I'm falling down and I'm almost gone
I reach out, but there's nothing there
Only a little blue bottle of funny white men
I'm falling down and everything's black
I reach out once more, je trouve l'espoir
Those funny white men are calling me back
But I close my eyes and know you're not far
Maybe if I give my life one more chance
Things will get better and you will come back
I've finally found what I've been looking for
A reason to hope, and live once more

New Life

New life brings happiness and peace
Such beauty as I've never seen
I hold her in my arms
And see our love she needs
Our love is what began
This new and precious life
Such beauty as I've never seen
Has begun a brand new life


My life is an empty space
Seeking something to fill it
I find a cold and lonely place
And know there is nothing for it

I meet a friend tomorrow night
Her life is full and sweet
Her spirits seem so light
It is a welcome treat

I put upon my face of lies
Trying to Compare
Will she see the truth that hides
Behind my mask of cheer

One Night

One night alone with you
Would be cherished in my heart
I'd hold it dear and true
For that is the very best part

One night alone with you
A dream I dream very often
Like the morning light on dew
The light of love can soften

One night alone with you
The vision's very clear
I know you see it too
The time is coming near

One night alone with you
A sweet new kind of fear
My dream is coming true
My dream of holding you

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, the land was very still
And there was a unicorn guarding every hill
This unicorn was magical and also very pure
He protected all the good and loved them, I am sure
Evil now had seemed to pass, but only for a time
Soon the Prince Of Darkness would be laughing in his prime
He sent his fearless goblins; fearless being jest
to kill the lovely unicorn, his mind to put at rest
These ugly little goblins, of love they'd never heard
Only hate lived in their hearts, all good they thought absurd
All they really knew was of evil and of death
They'd kill that do-good unicorn and hear his last breath
The good that he protected would have to learn to fight
To save the lovely unicorn and everything that's right
So they joined their forces and the weapons they had made
To fight the Prince Of Darkness, never more to be afraid
Long and hard they fought him, never would they give in
Until the Prince Of Darkness had paid his every sin
They banished him forever, to an evil darkened land
For now he would be held there, by the good that took a stand