Rob's Favorite Entertainment

Don't give me any grief about my choices they are mainly to link to other pages. Hey, when you make your own home page you can make your own lists.

Rob's Favorite Music

I usually lean to a more alternative sound, but I like most of all of it. Sure, I admit that my albums go from Kenny G to Dead Kennedy's but here are my top ten albums/CD/tape/whatever of all time (or at least today!) You will notice that a lot of them are "Greatest Hits" type albums, sorry I know this is uncool but they are my favorite. To get a more links to some of my favorite perfromers, some of which made this list and others who didn't, check out my new MUSIC PAGE. Or, see me and Jewel at JewelStock!

10. Ska - Various == All your favorite Ska bands are here, Madness, Specials, etc.

9. Built for Speed - Stray Cats == Hey, I was a Rockabilly when I was 17 and growing up in San Diego, so give me a break

8. Hits 45 and Under - Squeeze == Wasn't this their last album?

7. Special Beat Service - English Beat == Dave Wakling/Ranking Roger, need I say more

6. Legend - Bob Marley == Legend is an understatement

5. Unplugged - Nirvana == The best are the Meat Puppet songs, and Man Who Sold the World

4. Singles - Police == Great illustration of the progression/degression of a band

3. Unplugged - 10,000 Maniacs == Natalie never sounded better

2. Pieces of You - Jewel == Not an everyday angel, someone who has talent above us all.

1. Tigerlily - Natalie Merchant ==10,000 who? Screw the rest the band, she is awesome

Rob's Favorite Movies

I lean towards comedies, but some movies just appeal to me. I like most period pieces if they are fairly historically accurate. These are the movies I have probably seen the most. Currently my video library has almost 700 titles, so I watch a lot of different movies quite frequently.

10. The Lion King - So kill me, I love it, great plot, music and characters.

9. Rocky Horror Picture Show - Memories and great music is all.

8. Dracula - I enjoyed the movie as a period piece and for its darkness

7. Braveheart - Hey I am Scottish, it is a good flick.

6. Spring Symphony - Only Natassa Kinski's best that's all.

5. Casablanca - Rick's women and lines make this a great movie.

4. Terminator 2 - When it came out it was awesome, I still enjoy it.

3. Monty Python's Holy Grail - A prue classic that I still laugh at.

2. Star Wars Trilogy - I weasled out of picking just one, making me a true dork on many levels.

1. Jurassic Park - (NBC's JP site) Ok, most people will be let down by this choice, but it is my favorite. Hey I could have put Twister on the list, which I loved for the storms, but I'll give it a few months before having it make the list.

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