My better half - Tammy!

Early Years 

Tammy and I met in high school and I ended up attending more proms than I cared to. Here we are getting ready for her Junior Prom, she's a very cute 16 and I am 20. This picture maybe faded but the gold dress is as vivid in mind today as it was then. 


We got married on August 13th 1988, she just turned 18 and I am almost 22. Our wedding was at the Midland Center for the Arts, the cermony was in the garden amongst the great statues entitled Saints and Sinners.... Perfect match for us!

Later in life... 

Ok, glam pics are terribly ... umm... unreal.  So, what!  We're not very photogenic people -- and we need all the help we can get.  These pictures were taken the summer of 1995, she's as cute as ever! 
p.s. TLC are Tammy's initials 
in the background

Her and Jewel...

Ok, my picture with Jewel is on this site, so I should have Tammy's too.  She thinks she looks terrible, but remember it's like 1 a.m. and we had been in the city all night.  And, we weren't planning on meeting Jewel for the second time during this trip -- let alone having pictures taken.

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