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Most people are actually shocked when learning about my pagan beliefs and wiccan leanings. This is because religion is a deeply personal conviction.  And lets face it - it isn't easy for most people to understand and accept.  When you have pagan beliefs, you learn real quick to keep your beliefs to yourself and I really worry about the teasing kids go through.  Those that do accept it just figure all wiccans are New Age freaks and flakes.  So if you're not dismissed as the spawn of Satan people think you're loser.

Add to this that I also don't exactly fit in with a bulk of other pagans as I don't dismiss the notion of a god or the God. Although I may doubt that any one bible or manuscript are the true words of such a being, I certainly don't dismiss the beliefs and power of more traditional religions. Plus, I mix in other eastern religions into my own life structure.  One paradox to illustrate is that I feel strong belief of St. Aquinas' Natural Law. Although he used to further the proof of Christianity, his roots in logic and understanding are strong argument that applies to much of life. Simply, humans know something when its truth is either immediately evident to them or can be made evident by appeal to immediately evident truths. If there is a creator of all we see, and can't see; then this being created it in logical fashion, with the essence of physical and mathematical law we are still discovering. Maybe what we consider phenomenon, the spirit world, and magic is just a true natural law we have yet to discover or understand how to apply. So, I ask you to keep an open mind to the thoughts and beliefs of others.

Bright Blessings to you...

                        --== Rob ==--

This page used to have a ton of links to pagan websites and publications.  The thing is that was helpful when the page was designed in 1997, it really doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot in the world of Google.  But I wanted to keep some of the old flavor, so after cleansing the old list here's what remains.

Oh, and I also have a philosophy page....

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A few questions answered (taken from WiccaFAQ):

Q. Do Witches worship the Devil?

No. The concept of "the devil", a personification of a supreme 
spirit of evil and unrighteousness, is a creation of Middle
Eastern thought which is fundamental to the religions of that
region, including Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and
Islam. Worship of this being as "Satan" is a practice of
profaning Christian symbolism and is thus a Christian heresy
rather than a Pagan religion. The gods of Wicca are in no way
connected with Satanic practice. Most Witches do not even
believe Satan exists, and certainly do not worship him.
Historically, the gods of an older religion are often branded
as the devils of a newer one in order to promote conversion.

Q. Is Witchcraft a "cult"?

No. A cult is generally taken as a gathering of people who owe
blind allegiance to one charismatic leader who ostensibly
represents "truth". They indulge in "extravagant homage or
adoration" (Webster's Dictionary), usually of their leader,
thus trading the ability to think for themselves for
"salvation" and a sense of belonging. This is the antithesis of
the Witchcraft experience. Most Witches come to the Craft
through reading and communing with nature and later finding
like-minded groups. Witches tend to be highly individualistic.

Q. Do Witches have a "Bible"?

No. A bible is supposedly the word of a deity revealed through
a prophet, or more generally, "a book containing the sacred
writings of any religion" (Webster's Dictionary). Witchcraft is
a Pagan folk-religion of personal experience rather than
transmitted revelation. A Witch may keep a "Book of Shadows"
which is more like an individual's workbook or journal --
meaningful to the person who keeps it -- containing rituals,
discoveries, spells, poetry, herb lore, etc. Covens may keep a
similar group book. There is no one document taken by all
Wiccans as authoritative, as in Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

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