Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The internet version covers the entire spectrum of philosophical thought
Chinese Philosophy
Explore all sorts of chinese philsophy from Wu Jing to the Dao. A very calming site.
Heidegger references, Heidegger mail lists, Heidegger everything. Hello headache (even tho' I like Heidegger).
Hakim Bey
Find many of Hakim Bey's (poetic, philosopher, anarchist) works at this site.
Hume Archives
18th century Scottish philosopher discusses human understanding, religion and immortality.
Socratic Philosophy TV
Wow, "TV that makes you think", hmm it (at the least ) has to be better than Baywatch.
All the best philosophers swoon here. Foucault, Baudrillard, Marx and more.
The Metaphysics Research Lab
Stanford does it again. Intellectual creativity at its best. Hooray for this idea.
The Nietzsche Page
Nietzsche on a checkered Netscape background, who would've thunk...


The Objectivism Resource Guide
Yikes. It even has an ugly logo. Lots of good resources for the objectivist...
Ayn Rand Says
Get a random quote from Ayn Rand, one of the founders of objectivism. Don't know why you'd want to live her philosophy, but sometimes it is good.
Ayn Rand Server
Yet more Ayn Rand and Objectivism thought. Take it in small doses!


The Surrealism Server
This site is so brilliant it hurts. If you like surrealism, please go here.
Surreal Images at the above server
Here are some great images from the Surrealism Server
Surrealism Thought
More surrealism ideas if you didn't already have enough.

Soren Kirkegaard

My favorite philosopher
The Thinking Man's Minefield
Good area for Kirkergaard information and thought
Another Kirkegaard Site
Find out all you ever wanted to and should know

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