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Isn't it funny how everyone thinks their taste in music is the best? Well, I can't claim to be the Martha Stewart of musical taste, but I can say that I feel very strongly about the power of music. If it moves me -- emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually -- then I will listen until my ears bleed. This page is a brief representation of some of the artists and music styles that have recently affected me the most. If any of them seem interesting I encourage you to pick up their albums and enjoy for yourself.  And, YES!  I know there are a ton of artists I left out... Sarah, Paula, Shawn, Joan, Sheryl, Patty, or the whole damn Lilith Fair line-up for that matter!  Believe me, it isn't for a lack of appreciation for these artists! 


A Picture of Jewel & I

Jewel's brand new official web site (good job BiBi!)

The Jewel Mailing list

James Judd's Page

Pieces of Jewel

Everyday Angels

JewelStock - Dennis Harris

JewelStock Night 3 - New Hampshire

Atlantic Records Official Jewel Page

Gerrit's Jewel Page with the EDA Yearbook


The Melissa Etheridge Information Network (M.E.I.N.) 

The Polygram Official Homepage 

The Music Exchange/Melissa Etheridge 

Melissa Etheridge 


Suzanne Vega Net

Lisa Loeb Site

FanMan Site


Natalie Merchant is a goddess page 

Natalie Merchant 

Natalie Merchant [] 

Frank's Natalie Merchant Page 

Natalie Merchant Gallery 

@ Natalie' 

Natalie Everybody Wants 

10,000 Maniacs Home Page 


Tori Amos

Tori Amos Web [Atlantic Records]

Usenet -

Tori Amos [] - The official Atlantic Records site

That darn Tori Amos.. - From Rantz, a personal friend of Tori's

Tori Amos [] - Graphics, rare video and sound clips, interviews and lyrics.

Precious Things: The Tori Amos Collection

Tori Amos Image Archive []


Mary Black

Glasglow Music

Clan Music


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