Jewel and I

Here is the lovely Ms. Jewel Kilcher and myself after the JewelStock show on July 18, 1996. After the incredible show (if you haven't got the tapes your life isn't complete) I sat in awe with my wife, Tammy. After a few minutes we walked to the back of the Bearsville theater to see if she would come out. After a few more minutes, we started to feel bad for expecting any more than we have already gotten. The concert was so incredible and intimate. Tammy and I walked out the side door and headed for our car. As we opened the door and turned to the parking lot we stopped dead. THERE SHE WAS, talking with her boyfriend.

We kept going, not knowing what to do. We certainly didn't want to interrupt her conversation. Tammy and I decided to go the car, and pull up closer to the building. If she was still there, Tammy would go up to her. We pulled up and just as Tammy started to walk up to her the rest of the crowd did. I joined in a few minutes later. Of course Jewel was GREAT! Making sure we each got a picture, autograph, word, or whatever from her. We all were a little shy and timid. At one point Jewel exclaims, "You guys are all so polite!" Well, as you can see from the picture, Jewel far outshines me, but she certainly has added a glow to me.

Jewel, you're always there for us and, the "angels" will always be there for you! Thanks for your music and being a human being to us all.

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