The New Sparklers
Team Speak Server Information

Ok, we have an outside server now ... so no waiting for Rob to have the TeamSpeak server up and running at home.  Please email me at if you have any questions.

Log-on instructions below --

First download the TeamSpeak Client here

Once installed go to Connect

Then right click on servers to add a new one:

Then enter the following information for the IP.  I have a screen shot here for Eric's ns_02 log-in.  If you don't remember the password just ask me before the game. Everyone has their own number as follows:

ns_01 - Rob
ns_02 - Eric
ns_03 - John
ns_04 - Jim
ns_05 - Kevin
ns_06 - Wes
ns_07 - Paul
ns_08 - open
ns_09 - open
ns_guest - guest
Ask me or Eric for the guest password
to cut and paste:

Remember, to prevent your headset from taking over all sounds here is my start order ...
City of Heroes
Plug in headset
Start Team Speak

The next thing is to set the mike so we can hear you.  We've found that the mike level is too high for voice activation.  I use push-to-talk and mapped it to the tilde ~ key above the tab key.

Go to settings > Sound Input/Output Settings

Then either use a push-to-talk or the voice activation.  This is about as high as you want the voice activation.  Eric has his all the way down to whisper.

Finally, if you are having speaker/mike troubles try selecting a differnent device under Settings > Options