Camping in Catskills 2005

We decided to let Kat go tubing with us this year, as well as being Tammy's, Sandra's and Mike's first time down the creek.  These are thumbnails, clicking on them will open larger image in a new window.

Group shot


Rob and Kat


Kat shooting the rapids

Playing with the video camera.  Don't even try to listen to the audio as I barely know what I am doing with the camera.  In our first 1:40 clip Sandra becomes frustrated trying to cook food on the campfire.  I help by filming, meanwhile Tammy and Mike look on.  Mike smartly walks away at the end.  (large file, may take a minute)

Part two of cooking and the discussion turns of rain

Quick shot of camp early on Thursday.  Mike and Sandra all the way in the back and the girl's tents.